Custom precision machining parts aluminum

Custom precision machining parts aluminum

We are one of the top CNC parts suppliers based in China. This series of non standard CNC tuning parts feature with black anodized process and the material is pure aluminium. Anodized surface treatment helps to develop an anodized layer on the part surface and further improve the physical property, such as better color application, higher corrosion resistance and durability. What’s more, any bright color could be achieved to make the part look nicer or low key. Thus, anodized treatment are most widely used on a CNC machined aluminium parts. However, since the process needs to go through acid and it is easy to cause environmental issues. It is important to choose a qualified supplier that meets environment standard. For all anodized parts we make, we will supply RohS and SGS reports.


As a CNC part exporter over years, we have rich experience not only in how to make your precise parts meet the most strict tolerance but also help to develop your creative idea into economic reality by using different posterior surface treatment processes without compromising the function and cosmetic look.


Before shipment, in addition to provide dimension measurement reports against 2d print, we also need to conduct tests using Roughness tester, Hardness tester,Salt tester and other Environment Tester. Each part will be supplied with steel certificate,SGS report, hardness & roughness report, salt test report.


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