Custom Protoyping Parts in Product Design

The importance of custom protoyping parts in product design

What is prototyping part

A prototype is physical mock-up or sample of a digitally developed product made to validate a concept or manufacturing process. Custom Protoyping Parts are usually used for marketing evaluation/study , engineering analysis, to evaluate product function/manufacturability,and to verify CAD model or print accuracy. Thus prototype parts manufacturing is the foundation of design during the process of product development. With a physical mock-up product designers and investors can feel and see the outcome of; understanding its functionality and improving the product based on feedback.

Custom Protoyping Parts in Product Design

Custom Protoyping Parts to check the function, fit and look of a new design

Why custom protoyping parts important in product design

As mentioned above, product designer or mechanical developer could the describe the function, size, shape, feel and look of a part with the use of a prototype in a direct way. There are several crucial reasons why designers need their product’s prototype made during the design process.

Minimize design error

  If we make any design changes after a product is almost complete, this may lead to more work and increase the cost dramatically. Let’s take is electronic product as an example. We have finished the injection molds of upper case and lower cases and found that they could not fit tightly enough. There is big gap between. So extra clips and screwing holes have to been added. This change doesn’t only increase extra mold work but also costs.  By using prototypes, design teams can make changes early,  reducing the need for major production tool modififications. According to statistics, our client, a design company from UK saves up to $43k monthly by using prototypes via different prototype solutions.

Improves team communication

Physical prototypes helps to create a higher degree of interaction between Product Marketing, Product Engineering, Tooling and Product Manufacturing groups.

Save cost

Design changes made early in the product design cycle have minimal impact on overall cost. Design changes made late in the product development cycle can be extremely expensive and increase time to market.

Prototype Parts Manufacturing helps to decide the best manufacturing process

Prototypes, especially those produced using prototype injection molds or tools are used to evaluate both the molding process and the molded part properties, before production tooling is fully approved to go. In some cases, we use preproduction or prototype tooling to create physical prototypes and this can add add significant time and initial cost to the process of product development However, this step is necessary when working with new and unfamiliar materials, complex product geometries, structural parts, or tighter tolerance applications, since the function and fit of a molded plastic product are affected by the tool design and the manufacturing and injection molding conditions.


Want to make your company stand out from the crowd of your competitors and introduce innovative ideas into your industry, then prototype parts manufacturing maybe a good step to start. It helps you to win confidence among your team, generate a tangible buzz among consumers, and prove to investors that your idea are worthy of their capital.

Should you spend time developing and reviewing a prototype, or look to get your product to market as quickly as possible?  Contact us and  let us know your views!

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