• Best way to deal with ejector pin marks?

    For injection molders, it should be very common to see white ejector mark or pin push appear on the plastic parts in contact with the ejector pin during the process of ejection. This mark doesn’t only affect cosmetic look of the A class part, but also easily gets cracked during actual use of the products Therefore it is very important to prevent ejector pin marks before they happen. What are the reasons for ejector mark and how to eliminate them? Well, the glossy or white imprints defect is usually due to the excessive pressure at the white area of the plastic parts where the chemical resistance and mechanical properties were greatly weakened. The specific analysis could be traced to either plastic molds or molding process. Plastic injection mold ①If the surface of cavity is too rough, release resistance is increased and ejector white mark is caused. Therefore, the surface roughness in…

    Injection molding process November 4, 2019


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