• What is Mold Flash and How to fix it?

    Flash is a one of the top 10 common plastic problems that most plastic injection molders usually encount.The issue occurs when some molten plastic escapes from the mold cavity and forms a thin plastic sealing on the face of injection molded part. Flash can appear on the part’s edge along the parting line of the mold, or anyplace where the mold has metal meeting metal to form a boundary of the part. Though troubleshooting flash is difficult, molders spare no efforts to remove the thin or annoying sealing that affects appearance greatly and suggests poor part quality.Flash may occur during the filling process or at first injection stage, or during the pack/hold phase. Neither conventional parts nor thin-walled parts are immune. With overmolding, material leaks between the base material and the mold instead. Flash can be attributed to several reasons, including variations in the process, mold issues, machine problems, or material issues.  Machine Impropper clamp force Either too much or insufficient Clamp…

    Technical Study November 28, 2019


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