Plastic handheld massager

Plastic handheld massager

This is a two cavity family mold. The solid part is made of ABS and used as massager. The surface is mirror polishing. When you touch the part, you won’t feel the joint line at all. To remove the parting line on such a gloss face, precise machining is far from enough. It requires very skilled hand polishing as the joint line is aligned by hand. Whenever there is minor step between core and cavity, the joint line may be caused and hurt skin while massaging.

What’s more ,the plastic wall is 30mm thick without sink at all. Normally, plastic part of this usual thickness requires pre-warp technology on the machining but our experienced engineer proudly solve the sink issues via adjusting the molding parameter.

Since the surface is mirror polishing, we choose to use hardened S136. Though the steel is more complicate at machining than Nak80, but it has property of acid,alkali corrosion and rust resistance. Mold life is longer up to 1 million shots. To save material and shorten cycle time, we use pin point Hot Runner System. Look at the whole part, you see only one sunk ejection pin and one flat gate as small as 2mm on the handheld area. It feels so good.

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