The newest meeting of story data, research handling, and you will checking out is actually securely intermingled

The newest meeting of story data, research handling, and you will checking out is actually securely intermingled

Three ones prospective informants failed to answer our very own demand, whereas eight of your own 20 got kept performing lives, and you can 10 informants was basically retired or was in fact attending retire soon however, was care about-operating. Because target category include linguistic professionals, it wasn’t hard for these ten informants to write narratives about their experience, thus we’d ten concentrated, well-created narratives to analyze.

Examining and you may interpreting this new narratives

In this studies, that with both the literature and you can empirical analysis abductively, i attempted to pick this new later community growth of the informants in both and you can beyond Finland. Based on Fletcher (2007), story study assists experts to maneuver not in the “what” plus the “how” off entrepreneurship while having the ability to address theoretically “why” instance procedure move and you will extend around the more cultures and you can contexts. Into the narrative-based look, the knowledge that’ll be examined by the experts represent the fresh new narrators’ operate to explain and you can interpret by themselves with regards to own knowledge (Light, 1989 locate when you look at the Mishler, 1990, p. 424.)

The main focus is found on knowing the things one to determine the new informants’ choice to continue since the notice-in the elderly many years. Whenever writing the fresh new narratives, the informants offered meaning on their knowledge and you can actions, concurrently narrating quiver datingsite by themselves as well as their identities. New narratives provide an easy method for handling living history of the latest informants. Therefore, the fresh new focus is on the brand new informants’ individual viewpoints and you can attitudes. Informants not simply divulged information about the lifetime, nevertheless they as well as had an opinion about what taken place as well as on whatever they experienced, and have now on which they could attention from their future. Each of them examined their life and you can provided they definition, retrospectively contemplating as to the reasons entrepreneurship is still inside their lives.

The brand new narratives were reviewed because they build explanations around for every informant’s situation. Following this step, theoretic positions was in fact revised while the facts is actually checked once more by using thematic studies (McAlpine, 2016). Then the narratives was indeed examined from a unique position, when you look at the a keen iterative mode, inside the framework of 5 important life and you may profession aspects: (1) nearest and dearest and you may lifestyle disease; (2) operating records; (3) career design; (4) way of entrepreneurship; and you may (5) aspects of notice-work. A map of the significant life and community stages of development off for every informant was then in depth according to it story research method. We currently check out brand new results with the study.


Every 10 informants got some exposure to entrepreneurship, either as a result of worry about-a job otherwise freelancing, throughout their professional road in advance of retiring, due to the fact summarized inside line half dozen of Desk 2. A couple of informants has worked because the salaried staff, and already shared a position and you may care about-a job or freelancing ahead of their old age. Immediately after retiring, those two informants continued working as notice-working or freelancer linguists. Eight of your informants had been entrepreneurs, self-operating or freelancers, ahead of retiring as well as went on this type of industry just after retiring. That it outcome is according to research by the books, where predicated on solamente entrepreneur inquiry, such as for example a crossbreed model of consolidating old age and entrepreneurship has increased inside the Finland, because the 26% (n = 1874) of one’s respondents stated that in addition to its entrepreneurship they’d a beneficial retirement according to the reduced a job (Suomen yrittajat, 2019).

Our informants had the same academic background nonetheless had different kinds of industry paths. All the informants from inside the a professional community (3) had been committed to its very first degree job, and you will have been freelancer translators, teachers and specialists, as well as went on behave as freelancers shortly after their old-age. Those in parallel professions (5) were at exactly the same time into the salaried are employed in a workplace or in the very own organizations, and so they has worked as freelancer translators and teachers. Individuals who got explorative professions (3) got discover different varieties of services and you can companies where they may incorporate the competencies and background in different surroundings. They mutual freelance converting and you can exercises work for such as which have tourism and you will travelling asking otherwise which have income tax counselling. Not one of our informants got a great linear, old-fashioned occupation roadway. Basically, the jobs was basically crossbreed because they every combined different ways from operating and implemented its initial education in different ways. All of them arranged their competencies continuously, and made their industry ily words.

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