• How to avoid Gloss difference and Color Streaks in the plastic molded parts?

    Generally black Specks or gloss difference on plastic molded parts can tracked back to three sources : the mold itself ,the processing of the material in the mold  and the material being used to make the part.  Mold The surface of the plastic part is the reproduction of the cavity surface of the plastic mold.Therefore, if there are scratches, corrosion,small pit and other defects on the surface of cavity steel, all will appear on the surface of plastic molded parts as defects. When grease mark, excessive moisture, or improper use of mold release agent,  the surface of the plastic part will show different color gloss. So the cavity surface should be maintained in a gloss condition through mirror polishing or chromium plating. Meanwhile cavity surface must be kept clean with oil and water stains being removed in a timely manner.The type and amount of release agent should be appropriate. In addition, the other mold failure, such as the…

    Injection molding process November 18, 2019


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