About our manufacturing Service

About our manufacturing Service

From the concept to manufacturing process, HS counts on a strong team of experienced engineers that will find the right solution for every challenge. We are comfortable with complex large plastic molds up to 15 ton and precision plastic parts with tolerance as tight as ±0.01mm. Bring us the projects that others won't do!

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HS Mold Factory is located in manufacturing center Dongguan, South of China. The company was established in 2003 and started as a mold maker specializes in manufacturing plastic injection moulds for but not limited to automotive, home appliances, medical equipment, industrial OEM applications and more.

Later, as the market grows,  we expanded investment on CNC machining, plastic injection molding machines and assembly work shop and become a one stop manufacturer that could provide complete service covering covering prototype solutions, new product R & D, injection mould making, plastic injection molding and assembly service.  

At present, we have around 100 stuff within the company and total capital assets of more than 15 million RMB. Our production monthly manufacturing capacity reaches 30-50 moulds with size up to  8500*1000*8500mm .We are capable of producing injection molded parts with weights up to 1500g or in presses up to 650 tons with 40 injection machines in house.  Our manufaturing Service is mainly listed as below:

Our Manufacturing Service Range

We provide one-stop manufacturing service to your innovative project


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