Car headlights Car headlights

With the development of national economy, automobile industry has become the pillar industry of the country. At present, the rapid development of automobile industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for automobile lighting. Car headlights use the most popular injection mould double injection mold.   The quality of the lighting of the automobile is very important to the safety of the driving, so the laws and regulations of all the countries in the world today have strict requirements for the lighting of the automobile. The design of the lamp not only meets the safety requirements of the regulations, but also meets the requirements of some other aspects, such as the shape of the whole automobile, is beautiful and practical, meets the requirements of the aerodynamics, and makes the driver and the passenger feel comfortable and convenient. Therefore, the design technology of the lamp is changing with the development of the automobile industry.   The lamp is generally composed of base and lamp shell. The material of the base is usually thermosetting material-BMC (Bulk molding compounds). The lamp shell can be processed by PMMA,PP,ABS and other materials, usually dichromatic or trichromatic. In the production process of two-color lamp, special attention should be paid to the ejection part of the two-color injection molding machine, and the center distance of the two screws corresponds to the center distance of the injection mould double injection mold .

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