Custom auto part fiberglass

Plastic housing for Fingerprint collector

Custom auto part fiberglass
Product name Custom auto part fiberglass
Product Material PA+30%GF
Product Type Automotive part
Process Injection molding
Runner Cold sprue
Cavity 1X2
This is a cold sprue injection mold for auto parts and the material plastic is   PPA+30%GF。During the mold test, two issus come up. Issue: Too much fiber glass on the part surface
Custom auto part fiberglass

Custom auto part fiberglass
Remedy: A.Increase shooting speed   B.Increase injection pressure       Issue: Poor venting and there is air trap on part surface Remedy:
  1. Increase mold temperature (tentative measures)
  2. Increase shoot temperature(temtavie measures)
  3. Improve mold venting (effective solution)
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