How to find a reliable mold manufacturer in China/HS Mold

A client who just start s up his new injection molding company recently inquired me about how to qualify Chinese supply chain for injection molds.  It is said that choice is more important than effort. Yes, choice is more important, choose correctly is far more important. Only by going in the right direction, your road will be smoother, otherwise, no matter how much effort you put in, all will be wasted. This is very true for selecting a qualified mold maker from China . A good mould manufacturer  save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and headache without sacrificing quality. In this article I’ll explain how we could go from having no contacts in China to successfully complete audit on injection mold manufacturers.

1 Start building a list of 5 suppliers with whom you can communicate directly.Comb through the different resources to search and identify the appropriate manufacturers for your injection molding projects among thousands of suppliers.

Trade Show

One of the best places to find quality mold maker from China is at a trade show. You’ll have the opportunity to see what kind of injection molds they could build and check the workmanship closely. Meanwhile you could glean valuable information from the face-to face conversation with the sales representative, gain insight into the injection mould company, and be able to instantly compare a variety of competitors. Depending on where you are, there are some mold show that i would recommend,ChinaPlas,AMERIMOLD,RosMould,EUROMOLD,EUROMOLD BRASIL and so on.Of course, trade show budget might be a painful headache!

Trade Publications

Magazines specific to plastics or market is another terrific source of potential mold maker suppliers. Although you can’t judge a company by just the ad, you can learn a lot from their marketing messaging and the latest technology they might share, thus gaining  some insights on certain plastic injection molding companies in the

Search Online:

Most injection mold suppliers in China have a good website established and make it easy to find. Go to Google or social media such as LinkedIn, FaceBook and so on. Reviewing their post will get you lots of information.  Online forums are another place to swap stories, ideas, and experiences.


Other people in the plastic trade may be willing to steer you towards first-rate tooling suppliers.Ask them to share their recommended manufacturers. Or you could tell people in your network what you’re looking for. You will

  1. Contact your suppliers

Once you’ve picked your injection tooling supplier, contact them to start your premier audit. If budget allowed, you could fly to China to better understand the mold making process itself. Moreover, it allows you to review the facilities to make sure the procedures and practices are up to the standards you require.

If it is difficult to move from a sales representative’s contact info to a factory visit, you could ask for an online audit to check for their mold making facility and technology. Make sure that the mold making companies in China understand your RFQ thoroughly and communication is not a problem at all. Click here to check for the details of auditing a mold vendor in China.

3. Negotiate Favorable Terms

As with any new business relationship, be sure to perform adequate due diligence before entering any agreements or remitting payment with the mold making suppliers in China. Better start with a small. If possible, negotiate favorable terms.

  • What are the shipment terms?
  • What are the payment terms?
  • How much credit are they willing to extend?
  • How quickly can theycomplete the project?

Go through a few what-if scenarios and see what terms are applicable in that situation. You don’t want to wait until an emergency happens to find out.

4.Build Long-Term Business Relationships with your mold maker in China

Developing a solid partnership with your Chinese mold supplier is a key to   secure your production plan. The better the history you have with them and the more loyal they see you are, the more leverage  and faster turn around you’ll have. You may be able to secure more favorable terms, negotiate flexible production schedules, have input in future product development, or receive preferential treatment.

By employing these strategies, it is easy to identify tooling manufacturing partners in China and received several quotes within a few weeks of initial contact. These quotes should be based on a strong understanding of our RFQ, and a savings of at least 35% from our current domestic production costs.

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