How to source a plastic injection molding company in China?

Plastic injection molding is the process using polymers or plastic resins that when heated, melted and injected under high pressure into a custom injection mold, will produce plastic parts to be utilized in product manufacturing. The manufacturing process can be a complicated one and there are many factors such as industry needs, specifications, end-users time/budget constrains to consider when choosing a plastic injection molder in China that best suits your production requirements.

Volume Specialization & Capacity:

With more than10000 injection molders of different size all over China, selecting the best injection company for your project can be a chanllenging task. The best is to start with narrowing down your options according to your volume and size requirements. High volume molders specialize in project requiring over 500,000 parts and typically produce parts requiring small-sized molds and press under 350 Ton. Usually the injection machines are equipped with robot systems to increase efficiency while saving more pennies.

Low to moderate volume molders specialize in the production of parts under 10,000 units. Selecting a low to moderate volume molder may be an ideal choice if you need to quickly produce a prototype to test a part.In addition, low to moderate volume molders are perfect for projects that don’t require hundreds of thousands of parts (such as medical devices, aerospace, agriculture and more), or prototype tooling (tooling that bridges the gap between small production runs for market testing and full-production tooling).

Engineering Capablity

Not all injection molders in China could offer strong engineering support needed to help design plastic parts for manufacturability.  It is critical to choose an injection molder that can become involved early in the design process, understand your objectives and can predict production issues before they occur. This could help to improve greatly the efficientcies in the early stage of development circle

HS mold could offer one stop service including prototyping, part design services, quick response manufacturing, in-depth mold flow analysis and more in addition to our traditional molding service. We will help to create valuable cost and timing efficiencies in regard to getting your product to market.

Compliance with Specifications:

Having to compromise is an annoying headache for a lot of product manufacturers.

If an injection molder in China has acquired rich experience, expertise and and knowledge of the latest technologies, they should be able to make strong recommendations based on the specifications you require without having to make significant compromises.

Specification changes may include minor design tweaks, alternative resin suggestions, and other ways you can save time and money during the design, development and production process.

Product Application:

Plastics are an amazing material that can be used widely for different applications. There are some circumstances that plastics cannot provide the required strength or tensile stress needed and then metal parts can actually be converted to plastic to minimize weight and cost. We have had a sucessuful project that convert the material of automotive generator housing from aluminium to Nylon with 30% Fiber glass filled.

Therefore, the intended use for your part or product application is critical as should be kept top of mind throughout every step of the design, development and production process. As a an experienced injection molder, HS Mold company always consider a part’s end use to make the best recommendations in regard to design, material and production techniques.

Quality & Efficiency:

In addition to complying with your specifications, your injection vender in China should be established and committed to providing the best service possible. Answering these questions will help provide the necessary insight for you and your team to select an injection molder that best suits your company’s needs in China:

  • Do they own high quality and efficient machines that work well?
  • Does they haveplastic tooling manufacturing in-house? It is much easier and remove a lot of headache to have everything in house because it allow incompatibility between stake holder.
  • Do theiremployees and particularly their engineer and production manager are qualified?
  • Do they offer a robust mold maintenance program?
  • Do your parts need to pass strict inspections or meet high safety and quality standards?
  • Is your injection molder ISO certified?
  1. Time:

It’s always best to communicate your time constraints with the injection molder selected as early as possible to gauge their capacity and ensure you get the final production parts in hand on time. Building a mold for a plastic injection molded part can range from 4-12 weeks. This is also an factor that needs to be taken into account.


If you looking for an experienced, quality-focused injection molder that specializes in low-volume production in China, please contact HS mold and we could offer customized products and quick response in every stage of your part production.

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