Injection Molding Defects Delamination

What is delamination/Peeling? Delamination is thed detached, slate-like surface layering of the polymer as it fills and packs the plastic injection mould tools. With this defect, different unconnected layers of plastic develop and form within the plastic injection molded parts. , e.g. due to cross cutting. usually not easy to identify since the surface is flawless; a “skin” can often be pulled off when the surface is scratched with a blade. The molded plastic product exhibits bubbling after warm storage. The cause of delamination
  1. High shear stresses result in the formation of layerseven in compatible multiphase systems during injection molding process.
  2. Contamination with an incompatible thermoplastic or master batch
  3. Sharp Corner around the injection gate and runner in the plastic injection moldInjection Molding Defects Delamination
  1. Increase the melt temperature and reduce the injection speed.
  2. Avoid contamination due to extraneous material or due to an unsuitable master batch (specifically the carrier)
  3. Channge all shapr corners to be round corner.
  As manufacturer of  injection molded plastic products,  we have accumulated some knowledge of plastic injection molding common defects and how to avoid them can help you cut costs related to unsellable goods and product returns. Contact us for information on injection molding defects and remedies

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