Custom Prototying Solutions

Are you looking for custom prototying solutions to bring your concept to reality? HS offers an extensive range of manufacturing processes and works with you providing the best options for your prototype project to have the fit, function, and appearance required!

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  • Long list of various products?Injection tooling cost too high and lead time too long!
  • Production quantity uncertain?Quantity may start at only a few pieces!
  • Complex part structure? Part shape abnormal, hollow, many detailes, could not be realized via mold making process?

Custom Prototype Solution for You to choose from

We make your ideas happen by offering different custom prototype solutions, CNC machining, rapid prototypes, 3d printing, Urethane Casting and low volume injection molding. Click Below pictures to view more….

3D Printing

This is one of the fastest ways to create your prototype and optimize your design concepts.

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We have full lines of 3 & 5 axis of CNC machines to manufacture precision and highly qualified components

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With this process we could manufacture production-like parts and finishes in small and large quantities up to a few hundred pieces.

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Low Volume Production

We manufacture custom low-volume production parts for end user as fast as 15 days. Our soft steel mold offer cost-efficient tooling solutions

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