Plastic Shaver housing

Plastic Shaver housing
Plastic Shaver housing
Shaping Mode Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material Plastic
Product Type Electronic product
Plastic Modling Type Injection
Runner Cold
Color Multi Color
  This is a double shot molded part for Fingerprint collector . The injection mold is built for extremly high production. This is the highest price mold and is made with only the highest quality steel as such S136 or S-7.Mold life is million shots or more. Here at HS Mold, we have have significant in-house injection molding experience. Our factory is equipped with various size of injection machine ranging in tonnage from 55 tons to 610 tons and shot capacities ranging from 1.3 oz to 80 oz. We can meet any of your custom injection molding needs using different types of plastics including ABS, PC, PP, Nylong and so on. We produce custom injection molded finished products and parts for direct shipment to oversea end customers  We produce standard and custom plastic products for various industries including Automotive, House hold application, Medical and more.

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