• Stack Mold Technology & Application  

    Stack Mold Technology & Application This article mainly decribes about Stack Mold Technology & Application in plastic injection molding. What is Stack mold? Stack mold can be described as a mold assembly consisting of a series of single-face molds of the same size, mounted back-to-back or “stacked” next to the other. Without increasing the plastic injection molding machine platen size or tonnage, stack molds double (or more for increased stack mold levels) the output of standard plastic injection molds, increasing molding efficiency and reducing the overall part cost. Stack molds can also produce multi-component assemblies or a family of parts in one shot on one plastic injection molding machine. Most stack molds have an equal number of the same cavities in each side of the mold, or parting surface, but they can also have different cavities in each mold parting surface to produce a family of parts per shot, with each part being a different…

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  • How to Design a Mold(the first part)

      INTRODUCTION The basic function of a mold is two fold. Firstly it should impart shape to the part secondly it should cool the molded part. The number of cavities mainly depends up on the production volume requirement. But it is also related to the size and weight of the parts which in turn determines the machine capacity required. It is also important to design a mold that will safely absorb the forces of clamping, injection and ejection. Further more the mold lay out should be balanced which will ensure proper filling and dimensional control DECIDING THE TYPE OF MOLD There are several types of injection molds in use today. Two plate. Multi plate mold. Hot runner mold Insulated hot runner mold Hot runner manifold stack mold   A two plate mold has got only single day light (one opening). All basic designs of injection molds have this design thought….



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