Top 10 Tooling engineer interview questions 

Below is a list of general questions to ask during the interview of tooling engineer job in China.  What kind of questions you may meet in your area? What kind of answers do you have for below questions? Welcome for discussion! Answers to be followed!

Top 10 Tooling engineer interview questions

  1. What steel you use most frequently?

  2. What is the difference between NAK80 and S136?

  3. If cavity steel is H13, what material shall be used for lifter, why?

  4. What is the machining process of plastic injection mold?

  5. What causes flash in plastic injection molded parts?

  6. What causes void in molding plastic parts?

  7. How to solve part sticking to slide issue?

  8. What is the function of cooling?

  9. What are your biggest strengths?

  10. Why we hire you?

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