Vacuum cleaner product

The part is main body for vacuum cleaner and plastic material is PP. Usually wherever the part undercut between is 0.2-0.5mm and there is no room for either lifter or slides, we will adopt use demolding. However, this under cut is as big as 10mm, so we have to use lifter on cavity and tunnel slides on the core. For the big size hole on the middle, it is 100mm deep and cooling water could not get into the block. So we have to use mold max as replacement for the cooling. Another issue comes out, use mold max as inserts on cavity, the insert line is unavoidable on cosmetic area. On one hand, machining need o be precise as possible to minimize the gap, this could be done on our high speed CNC machine. On the other hand, we suggest client to texture the area to cover the insert line. The texture needs to be as rough as the insert line and won’t be scratched with proper draft angle while being demolded. Insert line could not be seen instantly with eyes if not being checked closely. The plastic mold is around 900x900x800m in size and around 5000KG in weight. We could make large size plastic injection molds up to 10 Ton.

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