Why Use Foam Injection Molding ?

China has started ban of the production and sale of cars using traditional fuels. At present, Nissan, BAIC, Volvo, Changan Automobile and other car companies have announced their schedule of phasing out fuel vehicles and move towards of development of new electric vehicle.  However, subjected to the mileage of electric vehicles, lightweight issue has become one of the tops ones that needs to be addressed urgently by vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, Micro-foam injection molding technology technology is more and more widely used.     What is Foam Injection Molding? Injection Foam Molding is a low-pressure process where molten resin is injected with nitrogen gas or a chemical blowing agent. The resin is then shot into the cavity, without overfilling or packing it out. The blowing agent or gas then expands to push the molten resin to the extremities of the cavities. As the part cools, the internal pressure of the foaming action takes up the internal shrinkage and reduces sinks over ribs or heavy cross-sections.   Why Use Foam Injection Molding?   This technology breaks through many limitations of traditional injection molding, and can obviously reduce weight and molding cycle without hurting the high strength of plastic injection molded part. The technology is used to produce many different sized plastic parts with thick walls in high-quality electric vehicles and home appliances industry. However, common foam injection molding technology can not meet the requirements of high quality appearance of the product perfectly, and it is even easy to cause problems of internal stress and deformation.  How to solve this problem?     HS Mold has developed a structural foam injection molding technology that can produce thick wall plastic part with fine and uniform foam structure. Our Cell Foam Molding technology allows for quicker process and cycle times on thicker parts. And this low-cost molding process produces parts that are structurally sound, nearly stress-free and have minimal warp.   Contact HS Mold today for more Foam Injection Molding Technology today!

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