Hand-held vacuum cleaner injection-molded product

In modern society, vacuum cleaner is becoming a product in people’s life, and its development leads to the rise of a series of scientific and technological fields. With the continuous maturity of vacuum cleaner products and the change of people’s consumption concept, the quality, function and appearance of vacuum cleaners have become the focus of competition.   The plastic part is a hand-held vacuum cleaner shell, the wall thickness of the product is uniform. Because the thickness of lip is small and prone to warping deformation, the coordination between plastic parts may have a certain impact, and it is easy to produce bubble here. For this reason, two reinforcements are added to the inner wall of the plastic parts to ensure the shape accuracy of the plastic parts. Because the plastic part is used as the surface shell of the electrical appliance, the surface requirement is smooth and there is no gate mark, so the feeding mode of the point gate is chosen to feed from the top of the plastic part. the die structure is relatively simple, the gate processing is convenient, and the filling requirements of the plastic parts can be met at the same time. As can be seen from the mold flow analysis diagram, the exhaust produced by the top feeding mode is obtained. The hole is mainly concentrated on the parting surface, which is beneficial to the exhaust in the process of mold filling and effectively ensures the quality of plastic parts. There is a small arc concave at the gate, so that when the gate breaks, it will be at the fillet, so that when the injection of the plastic part is completed, there is no need for secondary correction, and the section of the shunt channel is ladder.

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