How to Choose the Right Supplier for your Mold Project?

As the development of enterprise and society, all electronic products and daily consumer goods are upgraded at a rapid speed. Many product design and development companies are racking their brains to update their own technology to meet the various social demands. Have you ever considered renewing your manufacturing partner’s technology? Here are some tips for your information.


  1. A professional plastic molded company usually owns a technical team that could manage the manufacturing process of plastic injection molds with a complete set of high end equipment including,high speed CNC, Mirror EDM machine, slow wire cutting, precise grinding machine, slow wire cutting, CNC tuning and milling machines, imported injection machines, CMM inspection and more. These shops are suitable t make parts that are perfect in size and cosmetic look. The mold tolerance is around 02mm.



  1. Middle class of injection molders. These shops are equipped with medium equipment, including imported or domestic branded CNC, EDM machine, precise grinding machines,turning&milling, wire cutting and quadratic measurement. Suitable to produce parts that fit for assembly with decent look. Mold tolerance is around ±03mm.


  1. Common molded companies. Enough stuff and sufficient equipment to make plastic injection molds. Just to produce molds that could get into normal production without special requirement on part size or shape.


Of course, these are all objective factors to be considered while choosing a right China injection molders. Management procedure, team work, professional experience and more are also important factors that affect the quality of a project.


You could also choose a plastic injection molder according to part size. Here we classify products into 3 levels.


  1. Large injection molds  Part size exceeding 900*600mm
  2. Middle injection molds, Part size exceeding 300*300mm but less than 900*600mm
  3. Small injection molds, part size smaller than 300*300mm


For large plastic injection molds, equipment is a inflexible standard, but this is not enough. Ground, crane and technology are all important for the size. Thus, a on-the-spot visit is necessary. Mainly check below items


  • If CNC over 2m is available, EDM wire cutting,milling are qualified or not.
  • Crane lift 10 tons above
  • Enough experience to make large injection molds, if possible, check for their samples.


For middle or small plastic injection molds, it is easy to get a mold suppliers. However, for precise molds, better choose the top one!

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