Achieve High-Volume, Cost-Effective Plastic Cap Production with HS Mold’s Custom Injection Tooling

Mold Custom Injection Tooling for High-Volume Plastic Cap Production

Mass-producing plastic caps often involves a trade-off: achieving high volume and good quality simultaneously can be challenging. Off-the-shelf solutions might lack precision, and custom injection mold making can seem prohibitively expensive. However, HS Mold bridges this gap with our custom injection molds, designed for cost-effective, high-volume plastic cap production.

Special Needs of the Injection Molder

Injection molders require reliable quality, quick lead times, and competitive prices for high-volume projects. At HS Mold, we design plastic cap molds to enhance profitability for our customers.

HS Mold Provides High-Volume, Cost-Efficient Solutions with Custom Injection Tooling for Plastic Caps


  • High-Efficiency Output Capabilities: Our molds feature 8 cavities, allowing the production of 8 caps per cycle. With a 30-second cycle time, this results in an impressive daily production volume of up to 21,120 caps.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: We prioritize reliable production. Our molds, made from 440C stainless steel for the cavity and core, maintain their parameters during high-volume production runs. Each mold is rated for a remarkable 1,000,000 shots.
  • Short Cycle Times & Cost Savings: To enhance production efficiency and reduce cycle times of Durable Beryllium Copper Molds, we use beryllium copper inserts around the mold core and cavity components. Its high thermal conductivity aids in faster cooling during the mold release process, leading to lower cycle times and increased production volume, ultimately resulting in cost-effectiveness.

Beyond these core features, HS Mold offers a collaborative design process, ensuring your project remains in your hands. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and tailor the custom injection tooling to your requirements. This team effort guarantees the highest quality and cost-efficient high-volume custom injection molding solution.

Ready to achieve high-volume production without sacrificing affordability?

As an expert in plastic rigid packaging, HS helps customers across a variety of industries to develp turn-key tooling solutions for your  sustainable & single-use packaging projects

Contact HS Mold today for a free consultation and quote. Discuss your project with us, and let our custom injection tooling design service process elevate your plastic cap production, maximizing both quality and profit.

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