Injection Tooling for plastic caps

  We design and build this custom plastic injection tooling for the production of plastic bottle caps.  The plastic mold consists of  8 CAVITY with cycle time as 30 seconds. Daily production quantity is 21120/Daily.
       The mold is required to run production of a million shot.  To realize this long life, we use stainless steel for cavity and core . Besides, we use beryllium copper around the mold core and cavity component  to get a faster cooling time. 
  For each of cap project, our team will partner with you from the early stage of production development. We help to optimize your cap design for manufacturibility.
        As an expert in plastic rigid packaging, HS helps customers across a variety of industries to develp turn-key tooling solutions for your  sustainable & single-use packaging projects . Contact us with your New Cap Design and our  expert team will work with you to provide a safe and efficient manufacturing process that works best for you. 
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