Non Standard CNC thread Part and Screw Adapter

Non Standard CNC thread Part and Screw Adapter

This series of non standard CNC Machined Part feature with 3/8-16UNC Thread Screw. We have been supplying different types of custom steel components to mold shops from Canada and USA over years.

The material could be either aluminum alloy, steel alloy, copper alloy or plastics. In addition to Screw adapter, we also help mold shops to manufacture custom mold inserts, mold slides, lifters and more.

This is a good way for for local mold makers to save mold manufacturing cost at least by 50% if your client insists on local manufacturing. When completion, we usually use 2D projector, Digital Micrometers plus a complete set of gauges to inspect the dimension against 2d print.

Each part will be shipped with a detailed CMM report. And all the parts would be shipped in a safe packing via DHL, FEDEX or UPS and your lead time won’t be affected. No wherever you are, whenever you need service, just write us an email

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