Non-Standard Steel Component with Nickel Deposition

Non-Standard Steel Component with Nickel Deposition

When you first look at the component, it seems to make no difference with common machined steel parts. In fact, the surface of this CNC machined part has been processed via chemical nickel deposition.

Chemical nickel deposition is a process that completely differs from nickel plating.  The part features high hardness up to 1000-1100 HV after proper heat treatment. And the high wear-resistance could be as good as hard chromium plating do in dry condition.

Besides, it shows perfect erode resistant property in eroding environment, such as salt, alkali and ocean . So the chemical nickel deposition is more applicable to the oil drilling fitting and boat equipment. For any machined part that is irregular in shape, you could choose the this surface process to “wrap“ a protective layer to every corner of the part, blind hole, deep inside hole, even a gap could be protected.

Before shipment, in addition to dimension measurement against 2d print, we also need to conduct tests using  Roughness tester, Hardness tester and salt tester. Each part will be supplied with steel certificate,SGS report, hardness & roughness report, salt test report.

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