• Techniques on plastic mold runner design

    This article talks about  some basic rules for runner design of plastic toolings, which, if you follow, will help you succeed with an injection mold design.  To provide part-to-part uniformity in a multicavity mold, the runner system should enable each cavity to fill at the same rate. Designing runners involves several compromises: The runner system should be compact to minimize the amount of rework. The runners must deliver melt that has retained maximum heat to completely pack out the cavity. At the same time, runners must cool quickly after delivering the melt to aid ejection. If the flow distances from the sprue to the various cavities are equal, the runner system is balanced. Since balanced runner systems contribute to melt uniformity among cavities, dimensional tolerances are easier to maintain. Unbalanced systems can cause cavity to cavity variations. (Figure 1) Figure 1 Occasionally, balancing the runner system and minimizing runner length conflict. In most cases it is better to accept the additional rework and use a more balanced system. Increased injection…

    Mold design February 1, 2020


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